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Green Business

This package is for small businesses from 1-50 employees, we can certify your business as green in just 2 weeks

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Green Enterprise

Businesses with a medium size staff 51-100 and no manufacturing plants qualify for the Green Enterprise program

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Green Manufacturer

Large land and business comprised of 101-500 employees fall into the larger green programs. This level typically includes real estate management companies.

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The Team
Go Green

The Easy Way to Go Green

Businesses that are planning to embark on the green path are strongly suggested to do so in the fastest and swiftest manner possible. No business entity should postpone the chance to go green. It’s quite easy to do so. However, proper maintenance and sustenance is required.

The first step to go green is to find an affiliated green business program. Inspect the benefits of joining such an organization and try to find out how you can possibly gain entry to the elite group. There are green programs that are established by environmental experts who also help their members achieve the green accreditation level and not just conduct tests and inspections of business entities.

If you want to apply to these organizations, it is best that you go with the one who can genuinely help you achieve your goal. The group should be able to help you lay out the guidelines that could conserve your available resources, more particularly energy and fuel. They should also be able to help you manage your wastes, integrating the reuse, reduce, and recycle concepts in each of them.

With the proper guidance of the professionals, seeking the green seal shouldn’t be that complicated. The group should help you every step of the way, until you ace the accreditation requirements. This will leave you with a business that is not only resources-efficient but environmentally-friendly as well.

Help your business help the environment. If you do, you’ll definitely reap positive results that would produce more benefits for you in the long run. Go green and maximize your business’s full potential. Follow the creed of the environmentalists and reduce your tally of wasted energy to almost zero.

Go green, save the earth, and boost your business’s earnings. Get yourself a green partner today. Make your business a green business, which supports environmental causes. Be the only eco-conscious entity in your league. Though the green affiliation, you’ll be able to promote your business in a whole new network that’s exclusive to the earth-friendly. Your business will have the eco seal, which means it is not just a profit-generating company – it is a business that is actually giving back to nature and the society something that could finally initiate a positive difference.


Global warming is a big challenge for all of us and at Green Business Program we work with businesses, individuals, families, government departments, non-profit organizations, and event organizers to create green solutions and sustainability. Help us take the step by recommending us to your friends and family. We offer new solutions to Small and Medium size business to learn the green way of doing business. Not only is green good for the planet but conservation save companies millions of dollars in expenses a year. Ready to make a difference then pick up the phone and call our Green Team 310-907-5897


The Green Team
See the difference people are making in the world!? We are proud to feature this article about the Green Team at JPMS Green is the way and John Paul Mitchell Systems is on the cutting edge of green.? Ms. Veronika Judish heads this team of green markers out to make our world a better, greener place. We applaud the efforts of this amazing company.
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